recipient_alexisheadshotAlexis Georgia was born and raised in the small town of Hollywood Beach, Florida.  Growing up on the beach and becoming one with nature, “was the greatest gift as a child”.  From an early age, she was fascinated with humanitarian efforts and wildlife.  Creating small random acts of kindness to rescuing sea turtles at 6 years old, she knew that she was going to go out into the world and make a difference.  In addition to her passion,  Alexis also created an additional path of self expression through the art of dance.  Yet moving forward with a career of dance had become limited due to a knee injury.  However, she had bigger plans ahead.

Allowing her fascination of people, animals and culture to grow, she spend years of study within Anthropology.  “I knew if I was going to go out into this incredible world and make a difference, I better have some idea of what was out there”.  Spending 10 incredible years working within wildlife rehabilitation and humanitarian effort programs, she turned to yoga to heal her knee and tend to the passion of movement.  The impact of yoga became incredibly inspiring and evolved her work of the humanitarian effort to a higher level.  “There is something so profound inside of my heart when I am within my practice, I just want to give that gift to the world,  I need to teach”.

She made the decision to start with her 200 hour teacher training at The Yoga Joint in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and through the incredible yoga community, has been inspired to evolve not only her practice, but her will to make a difference in the world and teach the love and magic of yoga.