recipient_anamariaheadshotqAna is a fun and outgoing runner, yogi and triathlete. She found yoga when looking for ways to improve her strength, flexibility and mental focus for her other activities. She shortly discovered that yoga offered so much more. Ana says “Yoga has brought me to a place of peace and acceptance I never had before, I finally love myself regardless of my shape and size”.
Ana came from humble beginnings in Brazil where her parents instilled in her and her four siblings the importance of physical activities, healthy eating, and contact with nature as well as holistic and homeopathic practices.

Growing up with body dismorphia Ana spent much time in her younger years worried about her self-image, bullying herself to a perfection she now knows doesn’t exist. She didn’t understand the mind body connection until she deepened her practice. She is dedicated to inspire others through teaching yoga and with her own transformation showing that anything is possible. Ana is extremely grateful at the opportunity NamaStacy has provided and she is committed to paying it forward.

Working at lululemon athletica of Boca Raton has also helped Ana in her journey of developing her leadership skills and becoming involved with the community. Pursuing inner peace, happiness and self-awareness is what drives her passion for yoga and a positive outlook on life. Ana is a resident of Boca Raton with her husband and australian shepherd puppy!