recipient_KIM_HELFRICH_hsKimberly grew up in a military family as an artist and competitive gymnast in Georgia and Virginia. In high school she transitioned to diving and continued on to compete as a division 1 diver at James Madison University in VA. She credits her love of yoga to her sister, Allison Helfrich, who took her to her first hot vinyasa class. The challenge and skill required in the class immediately intrigued her and she wanted to keep learning. It was a different kind of challenge that she enjoyed more than other physical activities she was used to like circuits, running and weight lifting.

To Kimberly, yoga is another avenue to express her art and she appreciates the inspiration and style from other yogis around her. She is constantly seeking to improve and deepen her yoga practice. After starting to casually teach yoga and flow with her friends, Kimberly realized she wanted to pursue education to deepen her knowledge and practice. One of her favorite aspects of yoga is the community of yogis and being able to practice mat to mat with one another, connecting and sharing energy. She loves the fact that yoga challenges, heals, and balances people and she wants to teach and spread this love to others; paying it forward one yogi at a time like the NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®.

Kimberly received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design in 2013 and currently works for a financial group as a designer in Palm Beach Gardens. She lives with her sister and their French Bull dog, Leila, in Delray Beach where they love to go to yoga class, practice acro at the beach and make meals together.