recipient_Latasha_Walker_hsLatasha Walker is a lifelong learner and educator. She loves to seek and share knowledge with others. Latasha is beginning her 5th year as an elementary school counselor in Las Vegas. As a new helping professional, she quickly saw the need and importance of self-care. She began practicing yoga in 2012 only once a week as a way to release stress and get some peace and quiet. She noticed how this small practice was making a big difference with her peace of mind. While working through her own anxiety she realized she had little coping skills to deal with life’s challenges. During the process of providing services to her students it became clear how stress and anxiety affected children even as young as 5. She often finds herself saying to her students that though we cannot always control what happens in our lives we can chose how we deal with what happens. Though it took time, she vowed to take better care of herself to prevent more burnout. After visiting a few studios she decided to sign up for a life changing teacher training. As a result, she knew she wanted to share yoga with her own children and potentially with other children. Latasha’s goal is to bring yoga to school age children and anyone who will give it a try in hopes to help create a more peaceful future for us all. She recently completed her 200 HR Vinyasa Flow Certification at 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga in Las Vegas and wants to continue her education and receive a child’s yoga certificate. Latasha wants to share her light with others and encourage them to do the same. She wants to pay it forward, one yogi at a time and prove how yoga can work for all of us no matter the age!