recipient_Liuva_Campos_hsLiuva was born in Costa Rica and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida. At the age of 12 she attended her first yoga class with her Father. More so a cross-country runner at the time, Liuva continued running until she realized yoga had much more of a mental and physical challenge to offer.

In 2014 she planned on starting her yoga teacher training in St. Augustine, but plans were disrupted by a knee injury that required surgery. She knew she would only turn to hot yoga for rehabilitation.

Yoga has done nothing but teach Liuva that patience is key in development within yourself as a whole. It was that moment in life when her inner passion for a yoga inspired life surfaced and the universe conspired to bring teaching to fruition. She wanted to reciprocate the emotions and discoveries she had experienced in her past and present yoga classes.

Forever grateful to her father and the amazing teachers she has encountered, Liuva whole heartedly believes in the “Golden Rule” – ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’.  Liuva feels honored to be given the beautiful opportunity to receive the NamaStacy Yoga Corporation’s® scholarship grant. She will begin her journey at greenmonkey’s® 200-hour Modular Yoga Teacher Training where she hopes to pay it forward and inspire other yogis; evoking the same emotions and changes she has experienced throughout her journey and practice.