The NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® is a Florida non-profit 501(c)(3) that is in the business of paying it forward, one yogi at a time.

We provide scholarship opportunities to current and aspiring yoga teachers world-wide to Yoga Alliance recognized teacher trainings. If you’ve decided to become a yoga teacher – congratulations!! It is a wonderful and rewarding journey you are about to embark on. But before you hand over your credit card and make up your business cards you need to find the yoga teacher training that is right for you. With more and more trainings popping up in local studios, the decision won’t be an easy one. There are a lot of things to consider before beginning a course that will likely change your life so ask yourself:

1. Why do you want to be a yoga teacher?

Get clear on your intentions. This is a great time to reflect on your yoga journey thus far and gain a better understanding of why you want to deepen your practice. What are your reasons for wanting to teach? What do you hope to share with other yogis on their journey?

2. What style do you want to train in?

3. What type of time commitment is ideal for you?

4. Do you connect with the teacher or teachers who are leading the course?

Spend some time at the studio where you are considering training to see if the owner, teachers and environment resonate with you. You don’t want to study in a location where the space or teacher just doesn’t feel welcoming and supportive. Take class with the teachers and make time to interact with them personally so you can see if you have a connection with them.

5. Is the school registered with the Yoga Alliance®?

Taking the time to carefully consider what you are looking for from a yoga teacher training can help you find the training of your dreams that offers everything you want.  Good luck on your journey!

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