recipient_Robyn_Goldman_hsRobyn is an adventurous and outgoing extreme athlete who has enjoyed practicing yoga since 2004. She discovered yoga when looking for ways to lose weight, realizing it did so much more for her then that. Robyn says “Yoga centers me, its been my meditation when I need to calm my mind and body.”

Robyn enjoys spending her time traveling when she can; the more you travel, the richer you become with knowledge and culture experience. “Imagine a life where all you do is travel to inspire and teach others through yoga” she says.

The amazing thing about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime and you do not even need to be on the mat to be “doing yoga”. She wants to bring yoga to people who need it the most. The poor, handicapped, elderly and recovering addicts. As well as bring yoga to other extreme athletes who could really use yoga in their lives.

Robyn has already begun this journey with her husband, teaching in recovery centers and hosting fitness retreats in Nicaragua. Robyn is so unbelievably grateful at the opportunity that NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® has provided and she is committed to paying it forward.