recip_Vasilios-Tryphonas_hsVasilios grew up in the small town of Manhattan Kansas, and moved to the bigger city Kansas City, Kansas at the age of 11 and lived there until the age of 27. Though he enjoyed his time in Kansas he always felt confined there. He had big dreams of effecting people’s lives positively but wasn’t 100% sure in which direction he wanted to go.

At the age of 26 he started his home practice of yoga. Dedicating many hours to the  disciplines of mediation and yoga asanas to silence his mind and find the path which would most encourage his passion of helping others. Slowing building confidence he went to several studios and loved the community around yoga. The benefits of yoga started to shine through his life and it clicked for him. Why not share the practice of yoga?

Deciding upon this new adventure Vasilios left Kansas and went on a tour of the east coast playing his piano and guitar at every yoga studio that would open their doors to him. Combining his love for music and yoga, he learned so much, and met so many beautiful people. Every experience solidified in his mind that yoga was something everyone should practice, and combined with heartfelt music might be able to change his community and those he would come into contact with in a positive way.

Thanks to the NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®, Vasilios will be able to pursue his 200-hour Hot Fusion Yoga teacher training through The Yoga Joint. Hoping this next step will allow him to more confidently lead people in the practice of yoga. Encouraging them that their passion is worth pursuing and through dedication, hard work, faith and persistence anything is possible.