recipient_Victoria_Kazak_hsVictoria is a positive uplifting soul constantly looking for ways to help others. Her focus is to help individuals access their own optimal wellness, specifically a strong balance among the mind, body and soul.

She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for about 10 years. With her degree in Sports Medicine from University of Vermont, Victoria has blended many techniques from both realms to become a unique Massage Therapist. She actively educates and helps others to gain a greater sense of self-awareness.

As Victoria strives for her own optimal wellness, she has added yoga to her daily routine. Through her initial practice she discovered how all encompassing the art of yoga can truly be; it is a time and place to really connect all aspects of the self. She feels that “Every yoga class is a journey in and of itself. A safe place for any type of growth and reflection.” It has been through these journeys that Victoria has continued to nourish her mind, body and soul, evolving her as a practitioner and human being.

Victoria is ecstatic for the opportunity to blend yoga into her current skill set, knowing that, as we grow and learn within ourselves, we can then help others to do the same. One journey at a time with an open heart and mind, Victoria hopes to provide a loving environment for anyone seeking to enhance their own optimal wellness.

It is with much gratitude, not only to her teachers and guides that have helped her get this far, but to the wonderful NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® for affording her the opportunity to attend the RYS High Peaks 200 hour Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training, at the Hot Yoga Saratoga Studio in Saratoga Springs New York.

She will lovingly honor the NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® Mission to “pay it forward, one yogi at a time,” by holding space for others to take time for themselves, strengthen self- awareness and most of all gain a greater sense of self-love, which to her, is one of the truest guides to optimal wellness.