Zenny Mera

In 2010, a Groupon® and the desire to try something new brought Zenny Mera to the practice of yoga. Her love of yoga was instant and quickly became a part of her everyday life.

In 2013, her wonderful teacher David Yglesias offered her the opportunity to be part of the Energy Yoga 200-hour RYT Yoga Alliance Certification. Since then, Zenny teaches warm power vinyasa classes at Energy Yoga, and is well-known for her high energy, challenging flow and slight love for standing splits and Navasana! She loves her students and is inspired by them, Every. Single. Day!

In 2016, Zenny took a little trip to Koh Samui, Thailand where she met the amazing Corbin Stacy and Donna Nurmi … Their connection, passion and love for yoga shined throughout the entire trip. Zenny has always dreamed of receiving her 300 hour RYT-Yoga Alliance certification and NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® has made that dream come true. Zenny will be attending her 300-hour certification led by Sari Velar at Sari OM Yoga this summer and can not be more excited and grateful. She hopes that through her dedication to her students and her practice she will continue paying it forward, one yogi at a time!! Along with yoga, Zenny is the Development Coordinator at Baptist Health Foundation; she enjoys traveling, eating, drinking, dancing and just life, “because life is all about balance.”

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