Zoraida Mendez

Zoraida Mendez has enjoyed a passion for fitness her entire life. As a mother she always found a way to work a healthy lifestyle into her daily routine. She was enlightened to the practice of Yoga in 2012 and grew an immediate attraction. That attraction grew to passion after having the opportunity to work with Karen Gavrilov at Red Pearl Yoga over the past 2 years. Red Pearl and its community of instructors provided Zoraida with the support to expand her practice to a level she never thought possible. Having achieved her headstand at 53 years old, her yoga journey has only just begun!

The seed was planted early on to become a certified Yoga instructor and Zoraida set a goal of becoming a Yoga Alliance recognized certified Yoga teacher by the age of 55. She obtained her Certified Personal Trainer credential through World Fitness Association in 2013 which took her farther down the path of her fitness journey.

She had the pleasure of meeting Corbin Stacy at YogaFest in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2015, after taking his group class she had the pleasure of engaging him and probing a bit farther about the amazing opportunity offered by NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®.

Zoraida was delighted and grateful to learn she would have the opportunity to complete her 200-hour Yoga certification with Ananda School in Fort Lauderdale beginning September 2017 thanks to the scholarship program offered by NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®.

She can hardly contain her excitement to grow her knowledge and have the opportunity to transform the lives of others by inspiring and flourishing the art and practice of Yoga to countless individuals to come … Paying it forward, one yogi at a time!